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1‘a planned golf course has provoked anger among locals’

arouse, produce, evoke, cause, give rise to, occasion, call forth, draw forth, elicit, induce, inspire, excite, spark off, touch off, kindle, generate, engender, instigate, result in, lead to, bring on, contribute to, make for, foster, promote, breed, precipitate, prompt, trigger
literary beget, enkindle


2‘he might be provoked into making remarks he'd regret’

goad, spur, prick, sting, prod, egg on, hound, badger, incite, rouse, stir, move, stimulate, motivate, excite, inflame, fire up, work up, impel, pressure, pressurize, prompt, induce, encourage, urge, inspire


3‘he thought that I was trying to provoke him’

annoy, make angry, anger, incense, enrage, send into a rage, irritate, infuriate, exasperate, exacerbate, madden, pique, nettle, get a rise out of, take a rise out of, bother, upset, agitate, vex, irk, gall, get someone's back up, put someone's back up, get on someone's nerves, ruffle, ruffle someone's feathers, make someone's hackles rise, raise someone's hackles, make someone's blood boil, rub up the wrong way, put someone out
harass, harry, plague, molest
tease, taunt, torment
affront, insult, offend
informal peeve, aggravate, hassle, miff, rile, needle, get, get to, bug, hack off, get under someone's skin, get in someone's hair, get someone's goat, get across someone
British informal get on someone's wick, give someone the hump, wind up, nark, get up someone's nose
North American informal rankle, ride, gravel
vulgar slang piss off
British vulgar slang get on someone's tits

pacify, appease