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1‘I'll be too puffed to dance properly’

out of breath, breathless, short of breath, puffed out, panting, puffing, huffing and puffing, puffing and blowing, gasping, gasping for breath, wheezing, wheezy, winded, short-winded
informal out of puff

2‘he was just another puffed-up tinpot dictator’

self-important, conceited, arrogant, bumptious, self-assertive, full of oneself, pompous, overbearing, opinionated, self-opinionated, cocky, presumptuous, forward, imperious, domineering, magisterial, pontifical, sententious, grandiose, affected, stiff, vain, haughty, proud, egotistic
supercilious, condescending, patronizing
informal snooty, uppity, uppish