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1‘an engine pumped air out of the tube’

force, drive, push, send, transport, raise, inject
suck, draw, tap, milk, siphon, withdraw, expel, extract, bleed, drain

2‘I fetched the bike and pumped upthe back tyre’

inflate, blow up
swell, aerate, fill up, enlarge, distend, expand, dilate, bloat, puff up
rare tumefy


3‘one man was still alive, with blood pumping from his leg’

spurt, spout, squirt, jet, surge, spew, gush, stream, flow, flood, pour, spill, rush, well, cascade, run, course, discharge
British informal sloosh
rare disembogue

4‘I started pumping them for information’

ask, question, question intensely, question persistently, quiz, interrogate, probe, put questions to, sound out, cross-examine, catechize
informal grill, put the screws on, give someone the third degree, put someone through the third degree, put someone through the mangle, put someone through the wringer, worm something out of someone