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1‘judicial ideology stresses the punishment of the guilty’

penalizing, punishing, disciplining
retribution, damnation
dated chastising, chastisement

2‘the teacher may impose reasonable punishments’

penalty, discipline, correction, retribution, penance, sentence, reward, one's just deserts, medicine, the price, the rap, requital, vengeance, justice, judgement, sanction
informal comeuppance
British Military jankers
dated chastisement

3‘both boxers gave and took punishment’

battering, thrashing, beating, thumping, pounding, pummelling, hammering, buffeting, drubbing
informal walloping, bashing, roughing up, hiding, belting

4‘domestic ovens are not constructed to take continual punishment’

maltreatment, mistreatment, ill treatment, abuse, ill use, rough handling, mishandling, manhandling
injury, damage, harm