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1‘this work purports to be authoritative’

claim, lay claim, profess, pretend
set oneself up, set oneself up as, appear, seem
allege that one is, assert that one is, imply that one is, maintain that one is, proclaim that one is, be apparently, be ostensibly, pose as, impersonate, pass oneself off as, be disguised as, masquerade as, feign the identity of, pass for, represent oneself as
rare personate


1‘the purport of his remarks is already familiar’

gist, substance, drift, implication, intention, meaning, significance, signification, sense, essence, import, tenor, thrust, message, spirit

2‘the purport of the attack was to prove him wrong’

intention, purpose, intent, object, objective, aim, goal, target, end, plan, scheme, design, idea, ambition, desire, wish, hope