Synonyms of pushover in English:


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1‘if the panel withdrew its report, word would soon get about that it was a pushover’

weakling, not a force to be reckoned with, feeble opponent, unworthy opponent, man of straw
easy meat, easy game
informal easy touch, soft touch, easy mark

2‘this course is no pushover, even for experts’

easy task, easy job, five-finger exercise, gift, walkover, sinecure, gravy train
child's play, nothing
informal doddle, walk in the park, piece of cake, picnic, money for old rope, money for jam, cinch, breeze, sitter, kids' stuff, cushy job, cushy number, doss, cakewalk
North American informal duck soup, snap
Australian, New Zealand informal bludge, snack
South African informal a piece of old tackie
British vulgar slang a piece of piss
dated snip