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1‘the man is a quack selling fake medicines’

swindler, charlatan, mountebank, confidence trickster, fraud, fraudster, impostor, trickster, racketeer, hoaxer, sharper, rogue, villain, scoundrel
informal con man, shark, flimflammer, sharp
British informal twister
North American informal grifter, bunco artist, chiseller
Australian informal shicer, magsman, illywhacker
dated confidence man
rare defalcator

2‘get the quack to examine you’

doctor, physician, medical practitioner, medical man, medical person, medical woman
Nautical surgeon
informal doc, medic, medico
archaic leech, sawbones


1‘a quack doctor’

bogus, false, fraudulent, unqualified, not genuine
spurious, sham, imitation, mock, fake, feigned, simulated, dummy, make-believe, so-called, forged, counterfeit, pseudo, pretended
informal phoney, pretend
British informal cod