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1‘you may qualify for free prescriptions’

be eligible, meet the requirements
be entitled to, be allowed, be permitted

2‘to qualify as tourists they are required to carry at least the equivalent of $1500 in spending money’

count, be counted, be considered, be designated, be characterizable, be eligible
meet the requirements of

3‘she qualified as a doctor’

gain qualifications, gain certification, be certified, be licensed, be authorized
pass, graduate, make the grade, succeed, get through, come through with flying colours, pass muster

4‘the students had taken a course which qualified them to teach children’

authorize, allow, permit, license, empower, fit, equip, prepare, arm, make ready, train, upskill, educate, coach, teach


5‘the authors later qualified their findings’

modify, limit, make conditional, restrict, add reservations to, add to, make additions to, add a rider to
moderate, temper, soften, tone down, modulate, mitigate, reduce, lessen, decrease, diminish, lower, abate