Synonyms of quibble in English:


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1‘apart from that quibble, it was fine’

minor criticism, trivial objection, trivial complaint, adverse comment, protest, query, argument, exception, moan, grumble, grouse, cavil
Northern English twine
informal niggle, gripe, beef, grouch, nitpicking
archaic pettifogging

2‘I ignored his ridiculous quibbles about interest rates’

evasion, dodge
avoidance, equivocation, prevarication, hedging, fudging


1‘no one would quibble with the subtitle’

find fault with, raise trivial objections to, complain about, object to, cavil at, carp about
split hairs, chop logic
criticize, query, fault, pick, holes in
informal nitpick
archaic pettifog

2‘he's always quibbling, so it is difficult to get a straight answer out of him’

be evasive, equivocate, avoid the issue, prevaricate, hedge, fudge, be ambiguous
informal beat about the bush