Synonyms of quieten in English:


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1‘the teacher had to stop to quieten the children down’

silence, make quieter, hush, shush, quiet, still
informal shut up

2‘her travelling companions had quietened’

fall silent, stop talking, break off, become quiet, quieten down, grow silent, shush, hold one's tongue
informal shut up, clam up, shut it, pipe down, shut one's face, shut one's mouth, shut one's trap, put a sock in it, button one's lip, button it, cut the cackle
British informal wrap up
North American informal save it

3‘he tried using lithium salts to quieten manic patients’

calm, calm down, pacify, soothe, subdue, tranquillize, cool, content, silence, relax, comfort, compose

4‘Dexter yearned for a cigarette and could not quieten the urge’

allay, appease, assuage, mollify, palliate, ease, lessen, reduce, abate, mitigate, moderate, stifle, dull, deaden, lull, temper, subjugate, repress, quell, quash, overcome, rise above