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1‘the car sped off through the quotidian traffic’

daily, everyday, occurring each day, occurring every day, day-to-day
rare diurnal, circadian

2‘they took me home in Gillian's dreadfully quotidian motor car’

ordinary, average, normal, run-of-the-mill, everyday, standard, typical, middle-of-the-road, common, conventional, mainstream, unremarkable, unexceptional, unpretentious, modest, plain, simple, workaday, undistinguished, nondescript, characterless, colourless, commonplace, humdrum, mundane, unmemorable
pedestrian, prosaic, uninteresting, uneventful, dull, boring, uninspiring, homely, homespun
British common or garden
North American garden-variety
informal OK, so-so, bog-standard, nothing to write home about, a dime a dozen, no great shakes, not up to much
North American informal ornery

unusual, exciting