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1‘turn the cake out on to a wire rack to cool’

framework, frame, stand, holder, shelf, form, trestle, support, bin, box, bunker, container, structure


1‘she was racked with guilt’

torment, afflict, torture, pain, agonize, cause agony to, cause pain to, cause suffering to, harrow, pierce, stab, wound, crucify
plague, bedevil, persecute, harass, distress, trouble, worry
literary rend


    on the rack

    under pressure, under stress, under a strain, in distress
    suffering, going through torture, in agony, in pain, racked with pain
    in trouble, in difficulties, having problems
    rack one's brains

    ‘she racked her brains, but there was nothing she could tell him’

    think hard, put one's mind to something, give much thought to something, concentrate, try to remember, puzzle over something, cudgel one's brains, furrow one's brow
    informal scratch one's head
    rack up

    ‘the privately-held chain racks up sales of $3.3 million’

    achieve, attain, accomplish, gain, earn, win, succeed in making, reach, make, get, obtain
    accumulate, amass
    score, tally, record, register, log
    informal chalk up, clock up, knock up, notch up, turn in, bag