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1‘her rat of a husband cheated her’

scoundrel, wretch, rogue
informal beast, pig, swine, bastard, creep, louse, snake, snake in the grass, bum, lowlife, scumbag, heel, skunk, dog, weasel
British informal scrote
North American informal rat fink
Irish informal sleeveen
Australian informal dingo
informal, dated cad
British informal, dated rotter, bounder
vulgar slang shit

2‘the most famous rat in mob history’

informer, betrayer, stool pigeon
informal snitch, finger, squealer, nose
British informal grass, supergrass, nark, snout
Scottish, Northern Irish informal tout
North American informal fink, stoolie
Australian informal fizgig, pimp, shelf
archaic intelligencer, beagle


1‘Rats! I've lost my ticket!’

damn, damnation, blast, hell, heck, Gordon Bennett
British bother
informal drat, sugar, botheration, flip, flipping heck, flipping hell
British informal dash, blooming heck, blooming hell, blinking heck, blinking hell
North American informal doggone it, shucks, shoot, tarnation
Indian informal arré
dated confound it, pish