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1‘I'm a firm believer in a daily ration of chocolate’

allowance, allocation, quota, fixed amount, amount, quantity, share, portion, helping, allotment, measure, part, lot, proportion, percentage
marginal apportionment, quantum, moiety

2rations‘the garrison had run out of rations’

supplies, provisions, food, food and drink, foodstuffs, eatables, edibles
necessaries, necessities, stores
Scottish vivers
coloquial grub, eats
Norteamericano coloquial chuck
arcaico victuals, vittles, viands, meat, commons
marginal comestibles, provender, aliment, viaticum


1‘coal and petrol were also rationed’

control, limit, limit to a fixed amount, restrict, restrict the consumption of, conserve, budget

2‘they rationed out the water’

distribute, share out, measure out, divide out, divide up, apportion, give out, deal out, issue, allocate, allot, dispense, hand out, pass out, dole out, parcel out
marginal admeasure