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1‘‘Don't bother!’ he repeated, sounding ratty’

irritated, annoyed, cross, angry, vexed, exasperated, irked, piqued, displeased, put out, fed up, disgruntled, in a bad mood, in a temper, testy, in high dudgeon, huffy, in a huff, resentful, aggrieved
furious, irate, infuriated, incensed, enraged, wrathful, choleric
coloquial aggravated, peeved, nettled, miffed, miffy, mad, riled, hacked off, peed off, hot under the collar, foaming at the mouth
Britanico coloquial browned off, cheesed off, brassed off, not best pleased, narked, shirty, eggy
Norteamericano coloquial teed off, ticked off, sore, bent out of shape
inglés de Australia, inglés de Nueva Zelanda coloquial snaky, crook
West Indian coloquial vex
malsonante pissed off
Norteamericano malsonante pissed
literario ireful
arcaico snuffy, wrath

contented, good-humoured