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1‘Travis reached out a hand and pulled her towards him’

stretch out, hold out, extend, outstretch, thrust out, stick out
literary outreach

2‘reach me that book’

pass, hand, give, let someone have

3‘by the time she reached Helen's house she was exhausted’

arrive at, get to, get as far as, come to, make it to, gain
end up at, land up at, set foot on
informal make, hit

4‘the temperature reached 94°F’

attain, get to, amount to
rise to, climb to
fall to, sink to, drop to
run to
informal hit

5‘the two governments failed to reach an agreement’

achieve, attain, gain, accomplish
work out, draw up, put together, strike, negotiate, thrash out, hammer out

6‘one of their solicitors has been trying to reach you all day’

get in touch with, contact, get through to, get, communicate with, make contact with
speak to, talk to
informal get hold of
British informal raise

7‘their central concern is to reach more people at all levels of society’

influence, sway, carry weight with, get through to, get to, make an impression on, have an effect on, have an impact on, register with


1‘Bobby moved out of his reach’

grasp, range

2‘set yourself small goals which are within your reach’

capabilities, capacity

3‘they may be beyond the reach of the law’

jurisdiction, authority, sway, control, command, influence
scope, range, compass, ambit, orbit, latitude
sphere, area, field, territory