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1‘he cited a lack of funds as the main reason for his decision’

cause, grounds, ground, basis, rationale
motive, motivation, purpose, point, aim, intention, objective, goal, occasion, impetus, inducement, incentive
explanation, justification, case, argument, defence, apology, vindication, excuse, pretext, rationalization
the whys and wherefores

2‘a rising crescendo of postmodern voices today rail against reason and science’

rationality, logic, logical thought, scientific thinking, reasoning, thought, cognition
the mind, intellect, intelligence, intellectuality
Philosophy nous
rare ratiocination

emotion, feeling

3‘he was afraid of losing his reason’

sanity, mind, mental faculties, mental health, soundness of mind
senses, wits
informal marbles

4‘he continues, against reason, to love the woman passionately’

good sense, good judgement, common sense, sense, judgement, understanding, wisdom, sagacity
reasonableness, moderation, propriety
practicality, practicability, advisability


1‘such a child, left to himself, grows up unable to express himself and unable to reason’

think rationally, think logically, think straight, use one's mind, use one's common sense, use one's head, use one's brain, think things through, cogitate
informal put on one's thinking cap
rare cerebrate, ratiocinate, logicize

2‘Scott reasoned that if Annabel were having a heart attack, she wouldn't be able to talk on the telephone’

calculate, come to the conclusion, conclude, reckon, think, consider, be of the opinion, be of the view, judge, deduce, infer, surmise
North American informal figure

3‘she was growing too tired to reason it out’

work out, find an answer to, find an solution to, think through, come to a conclusion about, sort out, make sense of, get to the bottom of, puzzle out, solve
informal figure out

4‘I tried to reason with her, but without success’

talk round, bring round, win round, persuade, coax, prevail on, convince
show someone the error of their ways, make someone see the light


    with reason

    ‘he was anxious, with reason, about his own political survival’

    justifiably, justly, legitimately, rightly, properly, reasonably
    by reason of

    ‘those incapable of supporting themselves by reason of age, infirmity, or disease’

    because of, on account of, as a result of, as a consequence of, owing to, due to, by virtue of, thanks to, through
    British off the back of