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1‘the cost to the company was reckoned at £6,000’

calculate, compute, work out, put a figure on, figure, number, quantify
count, count up, add up, total, tally
British tot up

2‘Anselm reckoned Hugh among his friends’

include, count, number
consider to be, deem to be, regard as, look on as, take to be

3‘I reckon she had her eye on him from the start’

believe, think, be of the opinion, be of the view, be convinced, suspect, dare say, have an idea, have a feeling, imagine, fancy, guess, suppose, assume, surmise, conjecture, consider
North American informal figure
archaic ween

4‘category A prisoners are reckoned the most dangerous’

regard as, consider, judge, hold to be, view, think of as, look on as
deem, rate, evaluate, gauge, count, estimate

5‘when I spend that much I reckon to get good value for money’

expect, anticipate, hope to, be looking to
count on, rely on, depend on, bank on, calculate on, be sure of, trust in, take for granted, take as read
North American informal figure on


    to be reckoned with

    ‘Michael Ryan was still a force to be reckoned with’

    important, of considerable importance, not to be ignored, significant, considerable
    influential, powerful, strong, potent, formidable, redoubtable, dominant, commanding
    informal a hard nut to crack
    reckon with

    1‘it's her mother you'll have to reckon with’

    deal with, cope with, contend with, handle, face, face up to

    2‘they hadn't reckoned with her burning ambition to win’

    take into account, take into consideration, bargain for, bargain on, allow for, anticipate, foresee, be prepared for, plan for
    bear in mind, consider, take cognizance of, take note of
    reckon without

    ‘unfortunately he had reckoned without sniffer dogs’

    overlook, ignore, fail to take account of, fail to anticipate, disregard, lose sight of, fail to notice

    take into account