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1‘he stared at her, but there was no sign of recognition on his face’

identification, recollection, recall, remembrance

2‘his recognition of his lack of political experience’

acknowledgement, acceptance, admission, conceding, concession, granting
realization, awareness, consciousness, knowledge, perception, appreciation, understanding, apprehension, cognizance

3‘the organization will seek recognition by the International Rugby Board’

official approval, certification, accreditation, endorsement, sanctioning, validation, ratification

4‘the team deserve recognition for the tremendous job they are doing’

appreciation, gratitude, thanks, congratulations, a pat on the back, hat tip, credit, commendation, acclaim, acclamation
tributes, acknowledgement, reward, honour, homage, applause, a round of applause, accolades
a mention
informal bouquets, brownie points