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1‘the news reconciled us’

reunite, bring (back) together (again), restore friendly relations between, restore harmony between, make peace between, resolve differences between, bring to terms
pacify, appease, placate, propitiate, mollify
rare conciliate

estrange, alienate

2‘it wasn't easy trying to reconcile his religious beliefs with his career’

make compatible, harmonize, square, make harmonious, synthesize, make congruent, cause to be in agreement, cause to sit easily with, cause to sit happily with
adjust, balance, attune
rare syncretize

3‘the quarrel was reconciled’

settle, resolve, patch up, sort out, smooth over, iron out, put to rights, mend, remedy, heal, cure, rectify

4‘the creditors had to reconcile themselves to drastic losses of income and capital’

accept, come to accept, resign oneself to, come to terms with, learn to live with, get used to, make the best of, submit to, accommodate oneself to, adjust oneself to, become accustomed to, acclimatize oneself to
grin and bear it
informal like it or lump it