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1‘Robert II reigned for nineteen years’

be king, be queen, be monarch, be sovereign, sit on the throne, occupy the throne, wear the crown, wield the sceptre, hold sway, rule, govern, be in power

2‘chaos reigned for a few moments’

prevail, exist, be in existence, be present, be the case, hold, obtain, occur, be prevalent, be current, be rife, be rampant, be the order of the day, be customary, be established, be common, be widespread, be in force, be in effect
abound, predominate, preponderate, be supreme, hold sway
endure, survive, persist


1‘the later years of Henry's reign’

rule, sovereignty, monarchy

2‘during his reign as manager’

period in office, incumbency, tenancy, managership, leadership
period as champion