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1‘he has no rein on his own behaviour’

restraint, check, curb, constraint, restriction, limitation, control, bridle, brake


1‘he reined in his horse’

restrain, check, curb, constrain, hold back, keep in check, keep under control, hold in, regulate, restrict, control, bridle, put the brakes on, slow down, curtail, limit, stop, arrest


    free rein

    ‘you'd be given free rein to run the show how you wanted it’

    freedom, scope, a free hand, leeway, latitude, elbow room, space, room, flexibility, liberty, independence, play, slack, free play, leisure, licence, room to manoeuvre, scope for initiative, freedom of action, freedom from restriction, indulgence, laxity, margin
    informal wriggle room, wiggle room
    carte blanche
    keep a tight rein on

    exercise strict control over, keep on a tight rein, allow little freedom to, regulate, manage, discipline, regiment, keep in line, rule with a rod of iron