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1‘he goes on to relate many other such stories’

tell, recount, narrate, give an account of, describe
portray, depict, paint, unfold, set forth, present, report, chronicle, outline, delineate, retail, recite, repeat, rehearse, relay, convey, communicate, impart, spin
detail, enumerate, list, specify, itemize, cite, particularize, catalogue

2‘they found that mortality is related to unemployment levels’

connect, connect with, associate, associate with, link, link with, correlate, correlate with, ally, ally with, couple, couple with, bracket, bracket with
bring together, establish a connection between, find a connection between, establish a relationship between, find a relationship between, establish a link between, find a link between, establish an association between, find an association between, establish a correspondence between, find a correspondence between

3‘the charges relate to offences allegedly committed on 4 August’

apply to, be relevant to, have relevance to, concern, refer to, have reference to, belong to, pertain to, be pertinent to, have to do with, bear on, have a bearing on, appertain to, affect, involve, cover, touch
archaic regard

4‘many adolescents find it hard to relate to a stepfather’

have a rapport with, get on with, get on well with, respond to, sympathize with, feel sympathy with, feel for, identify with, empathize with, connect with, understand, speak the same language as, be in tune with, be on the same wavelength as
informal hit it off with