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1‘many of Dickens' characters represent a single idea or quality’

symbolize, stand for, personify, epitomize, typify, be symbolic of
embody, be the embodiment of, be the incarnation of, give human form to, give human shape to, body forth, illustrate, incorporate, reflect
rare incarnate, image

2‘the initials which represent her myriad qualifications’

stand for, correspond to
designate, denote, mean
literary betoken

3‘Hathor, the Egyptian sky goddess, is represented as a woman with cow's horns’

depict, portray, render, picture, delineate, show, illustrate, characterize, paint, draw, sketch
exhibit, display
literary limn

4‘she sacked him for representing himself as the owner of the factory’

describe as, present as, profess to be, purport to be, claim to be, set oneself up as, pass oneself off as, pose as, pretend to be, masquerade as

5‘for many people, ageing represents a threat to their independence’

constitute, be, amount to, mean, be regarded as

6‘a fifteen-member panel was chosen to represent a cross section of the public’

be a typical sample of, be representative of, typify, stand for

7‘Rachel will represent Hampshire at Havant this Saturday’

play for, appear for
be a member of the team

8‘MPs representing Scottish constituencies’

be elected by, be the councillor for, be the MP for, have the vote of

9‘his solicitor represented him in court’

appear for, act for, speak for, act on behalf of, speak on behalf of, be spokesperson for, be the representative of

10‘the Queen was represented by Lord Lewin’

deputize for, act as a substitute for, substitute for, stand in for, take the place of, replace

11‘I represented the case to him as I saw it’

point out, state, indicate, present, set forth, put forward

12‘the vendors have represented that such information is accurate’

claim, maintain, state, say, affirm, allege, contend
rare asseverate