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1‘the rebellion was successfully repressed’

suppress, quell, quash, subdue, put down, put an end to, crush, squash, extinguish, stamp out, put a stop to, stop, end, nip in the bud
defeat, conquer, rout, overpower, overwhelm, triumph over, trounce, vanquish, get the better of
contain, gain control over, gain mastery over
informal squelch

2‘a ruling class which repressed and exploited workers and peasants’

oppress, subjugate, hold down, keep down, rule with a rod of iron, rule with an iron hand, dominate, intimidate, master, domineer over, tyrannize, subject, crush, overpower, overcome

3‘in later childhood these emotions may well be repressed’

restrain, hold back, keep back, hold in, bite back, suppress, fight back, keep in check, check, control, keep under control, curb, rein in, contain, silence, muffle, stifle, smother, swallow, choke back, strangle, gag
conceal, hide, bottle up, inhibit, frustrate
informal button up, keep the lid on, cork up

release, express