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1‘Albert reproached him for being late’

rebuke, reprove, scold, chide, reprimand, admonish, chastise, upbraid, remonstrate with, berate, take to task, pull up, castigate, lambast, read someone the Riot Act, give someone a piece of one's mind, haul over the coals, lecture, criticize, find fault with, censure, express disapproval of
informal tell off, give someone a talking-to, give someone a telling-off, dress down, give someone a dressing-down, give someone an earful, give someone a roasting, give someone a rocket, give someone a rollicking, rap, rap someone over the knuckles, slap someone's wrist
British informal tick off, have a go at, carpet, give someone a mouthful, tear someone off a strip, give someone what for, give someone some stick, wig, give someone a wigging, give someone a row, row
dated call down, rate, give someone a rating, trim
rare reprehend, objurgate, reprobate

praise, commend


1‘he reddened in acknowledgement of her reproach’

rebuke, reproof, reproval, admonishment, admonition, scolding, reprimand, remonstration, lecture, upbraiding, castigation, lambasting, criticism, censure, disapproval, disapprobation
informal telling-off, rap, rap over the knuckles, slap on the wrist, dressing-down, earful, roasting, rollicking
British informal ticking off, carpeting, wigging
Australian, New Zealand informal serve
dated rating

praise, commendation

2‘this party is a reproach to the British political system’

disgrace, discredit, source of shame, outrage
blemish on, stain on, blot on, blot on the escutcheon of, slur on
scandal, stigma
literary smirch



    beyond reproach

    ‘her public image had to be beyond reproach’

    perfect, beyond criticism, blameless, above suspicion, without fault, faultless, flawless, irreproachable, exemplary, unimpeachable, impeccable, immaculate, unblemished, spotless, untarnished, stainless, unstained, pure, as pure as the driven snow, whiter than white, sinless, guiltless, unsullied
    informal squeaky clean