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1‘the vine's hard wood helps it resist cold winters’

withstand, be proof against, hold out against, combat, counter
weather, endure, outlast
repel, be resistant to, be impervious to, be impermeable to, keep out

be harmed by, be susceptible to

2‘those resisting attempts to upgrade the building may be evicted’

oppose, fight against, refuse to accept, be hostile to, object to, be anti, take a stand against, defy, go against, set one's face against, kick against, balk at
obstruct, impede, hinder, block, thwart, frustrate, inhibit, restrain
stop, halt, prevent, check, stem, curb
dig in one's heels
archaic reluct

accept, welcome

3‘I resisted the urge to retort’

refrain from, abstain from, keep from, forbear from, desist from, forgo, avoid
not give in to, restrain oneself from, prevent oneself from, stop oneself from, check oneself

succumb to, give in to

4‘she tried to resist him, but she hadn't the strength’

struggle against, struggle with, fight, fight against, put up a fight against, battle against, stand up to, withstand, stand one's ground against, hold one's ground against, hold off, hold out against, contend with, confront, face up to
fend off, keep at bay, ward off, keep at arm's length

submit, yield


    cannot resist

    ‘he is a man who cannot resist a challenge’

    love, adore, relish, be addicted to, have a weakness for, be very partial to, be very keen on, be very fond of, like
    delight in, enjoy, take great pleasure in
    informal have a thing about, be mad about, be hooked on, get a kick out of, get a thrill out of