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1‘there was to be no reversal of the British attitude’

turnaround, turnabout, about-face, volte-face, change of heart, U-turn, sea change, swing, shift, swerve, backtracking, rowback
British turnround, about-turn
rare tergiversation

2‘there will have to be a reversal of roles’

swap, exchange, change, swapping, trade, trading, interchange, transposition, inversion

3‘the reversal of the decision followed intense public criticism’

alteration, changing
countermanding, undoing, setting aside, upsetting, overturning, overthrow, disallowing, overriding, overruling, veto, vetoing, repudiation, revocation, repeal, abrogation, cancellation, rescinding, rescindment, annulment, nullification, voiding, invalidation, negation, quashing
withdrawal, recanting, retraction
archaic recall
rare rescission, disannulment

4‘a late penalty was the only reversal suffered by the New Zealanders’

setback, reverse, upset, check, non-success, failure, misfortune, mishap, misadventure, accident, disaster, tragedy, catastrophe, blow, disappointment, adversity, hardship, affliction, vicissitude, defeat, rout
ill luck, bad luck, distress, tribulation, woe, hard times
British informal car crash