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1‘there was a riot when he was arrested’

uproar, rampage, furore, tumult, commotion, upheaval, disturbance, street fight, melee, row, scuffle, fracas, fray, affray, brawl, free-for-all
violent disorder, violence, mob violence, street fighting, vandalism, frenzy, mayhem, turmoil, lawlessness, anarchy
North American informal wilding

2‘the garden was a riot of colour’

mass, sea, lavish display, splash, extravagance, extravaganza, flourish, show, exhibition


1‘the miners rioted and attacked the local Party HQ’

rampage, go on the rampage, run riot, take to the streets, fight in the streets, start a fight, raise an uproar, cause an affray, go wild, run wild, run amok, go berserk, fight, brawl, scuffle
informal raise hell


    run riot

    1‘family rooms are useful for letting noisier children run riot’

    go on the rampage, rampage, riot, run amok, go berserk, get out of control, run free, go undisciplined
    informal raise hell

    2‘in rainforest, the daily downpours let vegetation run riot’

    grow profusely, spread uncontrolled, increase rapidly, grow rapidly, luxuriate, spread like wildfire, burgeon, prosper
    multiply, mushroom, snowball, escalate, rocket