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1‘you are a rogue without ethics or scruples’

scoundrel, villain, reprobate, rascal, good-for-nothing, wretch
informal rat, son of a bitch, SOB, nasty piece of work, cur, louse, crook
British informal scrote, blighter
Irish informal spalpeen
North American informal slicker
West Indian informal scamp
derogatory bastard, dog, dirty dog
informal, dated hound, vagabond
British informal, dated rotter, bounder
dated cad, ne'er-do-well
archaic miscreant, blackguard, dastard, knave, varlet, wastrel, mountebank, picaroon

2‘we were at school together—he was a right little rogue’

scamp, rascal, imp, devil, monkey, mischief-maker
informal scallywag, monster, horror, terror, holy terror
British informal perisher
Northern English informal tyke, scally
North American informal hellion, varmint
archaic scapegrace, rapscallion