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1‘gangs of rowdy youths’

unruly, disorderly, badly behaved, obstreperous, riotous, unrestrained, undisciplined, ill-disciplined, unmanageable, uncontrollable, ungovernable, uncontrolled, disruptive, out of hand, out of control, rough, wild, turbulent, lawless
boisterous, irrepressible, uproarious, rollicking, roisterous, rackety, noisy, loud, clamorous
British informal rumbustious
North American informal rambunctious
archaic rampageous

peaceful, quiet, restrained


1‘the pub was filling up with rowdies’

ruffian, troublemaker, lout, thug, hooligan, bully boy, hoodlum, brawler
British tearaway
Scottish, Northern English keelie, ned
Australian larrikin
informal tough, bruiser, yahoo
British informal rough, yob, yobbo, bovver boy, lager lout, chav, hoodie
Australian, New Zealand informal roughie, lout