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rubber stamp

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1‘few believe it is anything more than a place where legislation gets a rubber stamp’

authorization, permission, approval, assent, consent, sanction
leave, clearance, warranty, agreement, imprimatur, one's blessing, green light, the seal of approval, the stamp of approval
authority, licence, dispensation, empowerment, freedom, liberty
informal the OK, the go-ahead, the thumbs up, the say-so, the nod
rare permit, nihil obstat

the red light, refusal


1‘officers have been making the decisions, with the councillors just rubber-stamping them’

approve, give one's seal of approval to, give one's stamp of approval to, agree to, consent to, assent to, acquiesce in, concur in, accede to, give one's blessing to, bless, say yes to, accept
ratify, sanction, endorse, authorize, mandate, license, warrant, validate, pass
confirm, support, back
give one's leave, give one's permission
informal give the go-ahead to, give the green light to, give the OK to, OK, give the thumbs up to, give the nod, say the word, buy