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1‘he was tall and fair with a ruddy complexion’

reddish, red, rosy, rosy-cheeked, pink, pinkish, roseate, rubicund
healthy-looking, glowing, fresh
flushed, blushing
florid, high-coloured
arcaico sanguine
marginal erubescent, rubescent

pale, unhealthy

2‘the ruddy glow of the low sun’

red, reddish, scarlet, vermilion, crimson, blood red, rose red, pink, roseate

3‘you ruddy idiot!’

complete, total, utter
coloquial damn, damned, blasted, blessed, flaming, confounded, blithering
Britanico coloquial flipping, blinking, blooming, bloody, bleeding, effing, chuffing
Norteamericano coloquial goddam, doggone
inglés de Australia, inglés de Nueva Zelanda coloquial plurry
Britanico coloquial, anticuado bally
malsonante fucking, frigging
inglés de Irlanda malsonante fecking