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1‘you should follow any health and safety rules which apply to your workplace’

regulation, ruling, directive, order, court order, act, law, by-law, statute, edict, canon, ordinance, pronouncement, mandate, command, dictate, dictum, decree, fiat, proclamation, injunction, commandment, prescription, stipulation, requirement, precept, guideline, direction

2‘the general rule is that problems are referred upwards through the organization’

procedure, practice, protocol, convention, standard, norm, form, routine, custom, habit, wont
formal praxis

3‘moderation in all things—that's the golden rule’

precept, principle, standard, axiom, truth, truism, maxim, aphorism

4‘Punjab came under British rule in 1849’

control, jurisdiction, command, power, sway, dominion, government, administration, sovereignty, leadership, ascendancy, supremacy, authority, direction, mastery, hegemony, regime, influence
Indio raj
arcaico regiment


1‘El Salvador was ruled by Spain until 1821’

govern, preside over, control, have control of, be in control of, lead, be the leader of, dominate, run, head, direct, administer, manage, regulate
literario sway

2‘Mary ruled for only six years’

be in power, be in control, hold sway, be in authority, be in command, be in charge, govern, be at the helm
reign, sit on the throne, wear the crown, wield the sceptre, be monarch, be sovereign

3‘a High Court judge ruled that the children should be sent back to their father’

decree, order, direct, pronounce, make a judgement, judge, adjudge, adjudicate, lay down, ordain
decide, find, determine, resolve, settle, establish, hold
marginal asseverate

4‘up in the shanty towns, subversion ruled’

prevail, obtain, be the order of the day, predominate, hold sway, be supreme


    as a rule

    usually, generally, in general, normally, ordinarily, customarily, almost always, for the most part, on the whole, by and large, in the main, mainly, mostly, more often than not, commonly, typically, on average, in most cases
    rule something out

    exclude, eliminate, reject, dismiss, disregard
    preclude, prohibit, prevent, obviate, disallow