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run on

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1‘the call ran on for two and a quarter hours’

continue, go on, carry on, last, keep going, extend, stretch

2‘you're right, I do run on a bit at times, sorry’

talk incessantly, talk a lot, rattle on, go on, chatter on, gabble on, ramble on
informal yak, gab, yackety-yak, yap, yabber, yatter
British informal rabbit on, witter on, natter on, chunter on, talk the hind leg off a donkey
Scottish, Irish slabber on
North American informal run off at the mouth
Australian, New Zealand informal mag
archaic twaddle, twattle, clack

3‘my thoughts ran too much on death’

be preoccupied with, be concerned with, dwell on, focus on, be focused on, revolve around, centre around, be dominated by, be fixated with