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1‘serve with a piquant sauce and redcurrant jelly’

relish, dressing, condiment, ketchup, flavouring
jus, coulis

2‘‘I'll have less of your sauce,’ said Aunt Edie’

impudence, impertinence, cheek, cheekiness, effrontery, irreverence, sauciness, pertness, freshness, flippancy, insolence, rudeness, disrespect, disrespectfulness, familiarity, presumption, presumptuousness, audacity, audaciousness, boldness, brazenness, forwardness, cockiness, shamelessness
informal mouth, lip, neck, brass neck, nerve, face
British informal backchat
Scottish informal snash
North American informal sassiness, sass, chutzpah, smart mouth, back talk
archaic malapertness, contumely
rare procacity

politeness, respectfulness

3‘she's been on the sauce for years’

alcohol, liquor, alcoholic drink, strong drink, intoxicating drink
British spirits
informal booze, the bottle, the hard stuff, mother's milk, hooch
British informal wallop
Northern English, Irish informal sup
North American informal juice
Australian, New Zealand informal grog