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1‘she felt her stomach flutter as he said her name’

speak, utter, voice, pronounce, give utterance to, give voice to, vocalize

2‘‘I must go,’ she said’

declare, state, announce
remark, observe, mention, comment, note, add
reply, respond, answer, rejoin
whisper, mutter, mumble, mouth
informal come out with

3‘Newall says he's innocent’

claim, maintain, assert, hold, insist, contend, aver, affirm, avow
allege, profess
formal opine
rare asseverate

4‘I can't conjure up the words to say how I feel’

express, put into words, phrase, articulate, communicate, make known, get across, put across, convey, verbalize, render, tell
reveal, divulge, impart, disclose
imply, suggest, signify, denote, mean

5‘they sang hymns and said a prayer’

recite, repeat, utter, deliver, perform, declaim, orate

6‘the lighted dial of her watch said one twenty’

indicate, show, read

7‘I'd say about 90 per cent of my stories are off the top of my head’

estimate, judge, guess, hazard a guess, dare say, predict, speculate, surmise, conjecture, venture
imagine, think, believe
informal reckon

8‘let's say you'd just won a million pounds’

suppose, assume, imagine, presume, take as a hypothesis, hypothesize, postulate, posit

9‘she determined to find something to say in his favour’

adduce, propose, advance, bring forward, offer, plead


1‘Miss Honey was determined to have her say’

chance to speak, right to speak, turn to speak, chance to express one's opinion, right to express one's opinion, turn to express one's opinion, vote, opinion, view, voice
informal one's twopence worth, one's twopenn'orth

2‘don't I have any say in the matter?’

influence, sway, weight, authority, voice, input, share, part
informal clout


    be said

    ‘it is said that she lived to be over a hundred’

    be reported, be thought, be believed, be alleged, be rumoured, be reputed, be put about
    be described, be asserted
    apparently, seemingly, it seems that, it appears that, they say, so they say, the story goes, so the story goes, by all accounts, rumour has it, the rumour is
    to say the least

    ‘his performance was disappointing to say the least’

    to put it mildly, putting it mildly, without any exaggeration, at the very least, as an understatement
    that is to say

    ‘people emigrated for economic reasons—that is to say, because they were poor’

    in other words, to put it another way, to rephrase it
    i.e., that is, to wit, viz., namely, sc.
    id est, scilicet, videlicet