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1‘he was forced out of office because of a sex scandal’

outrageous wrongdoing, outrageous behaviour, immoral behaviour, unethical behaviour, discreditable behaviour, shocking incident of events, shocking series of events, impropriety, misconduct, wrongdoing
offence, transgression, crime, sin
British skeleton in the cupboard
North American skeleton in the closet
informal business, affair, -gate

2‘unmarried motherhood at that time was fraught with scandal’

shame, dishonour, disgrace, disrepute, discredit, infamy, ignominy, embarrassment
odium, opprobrium, censure, obloquy

3‘it's a scandal that the disease is not yet being adequately treated’

disgrace, outrage, injustice
shame, pity, crying shame
affront, insult, reproach

4‘you know what scandals were spread about me’

malicious gossip, malicious rumour, malicious rumours, slander, libel, scandalmongering, calumny, defamation, aspersions, muckraking, smear campaign
informal dirt