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1‘it was growing dark and she began to feel scared’

frightened, afraid, fearful, nervous, panicky, agitated, alarmed, worried, intimidated
terrified, petrified, horrified, panic-stricken, scared stiff, frightened out of one's wits, scared out of one's wits, scared witless, frightened to death, scared to death, terror-stricken, terror-struck, horror-stricken, horror-struck, frantic, hysterical, beside oneself
with one's heart in one's mouth, shaking in one's shoes, shaking like a leaf, shaky
Scottish feart
informal in a cold sweat, in a funk, in a blue funk, jumpy, jittery
British informal funky, windy
North American informal spooked
vulgar slang scared shitless, shit scared, shitting bricks, bricking oneself
dialect frit
archaic afeared, affrighted

confident, laid-back, calm