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1‘the final score was 4–3’

result, outcome
number of goals, number of points, number of runs, total, sum total, tally, count

2‘an IQ score of 161’

rating, grade, mark, percentage

3‘check the shaft for rust, scores, and any other types of damage’

scratch, nick, notch, snick, scrape, groove, chip, cut, gouge, incision, slit, gash
archaic scotch

4‘I've got a score to settle with you’

grievance, bone to pick, axe to grind, grudge, complaint
dispute, bone of contention
rare crow to pluck

5the score‘he knew the score before he got here’

the situation, the position, the facts, the truth of the matter, the state of affairs, the true state of affairs, the picture, the story, how things stand, the lie of the land
British the state of play
North American the lay of the land
informal the set-up, what's what

6‘he had resigned on the score of ill health’

grounds, reason, basis, count
cause, motive, rationale

7scores‘police have received scores of complaints’

a great many, a lot, a good deal, a great deal, a great amount, a great number, a large amount, a large number, great quantities, plenty, a host, hosts, a crowd, crowds, droves, a bevy, bevies, an army, armies, a horde, hordes, a flock, flocks, herds, a throng, throngs, legions, a multitude, multitudes, a swarm, swarms
copious, abundant, profuse, an abundance, a profusion
informal lots, umpteen, loads, masses, stacks, scads, heaps, piles, bags, tons, oodles, dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, zillions, more … than one can shake a stick at
British informal shedloads, a shedload
North American informal a slew, a bunch, gazillions, gobs, bazillions
Australian, New Zealand informal a swag
vulgar slang a shitload
literary myriad, divers



1‘he has already scored 13 goals for Aston Villa this season’

get, gain, chalk up, win, achieve, attain, make
informal notch up, bag, knock up, rack up

2‘when I was your age I spent every summer weekend scoring for my father's village cricket team’

keep score, keep the score, keep count, keep a record, keep a tally

3‘his new movie really scored’

be successful, be a success, achieve success, win, triumph, make an impression, have an impact, go down well, get an enthusiastic reception
informal be a hit, be a winner, be a sell-out, go down a storm

4‘the Quartet Suite was scored for flute, violin, viola da gamba, and continuo’

orchestrate, arrange, set, adapt
write, compose
rare instrument

5‘score the wood in criss-cross patterns’

scratch, cut, make a notch in, make a notches in, make a groove in, make a grooves in, notch, incise, scrape, nick, snick, chip, gouge, slit, gash
carve, engrave
archaic scotch


    settle a score

    ‘a rival gang showed up to settle a score over turf’

    take revenge, take one's revenge, hit back at someone, get back at someone, retaliate, get even, get one's own back, pay someone back, give someone a dose of their own medicine, give someone a taste of their own medicine, pay someone back in their own coin
    on that score

    ‘there were no complaints on that score’

    on that subject, on this subject, as far as that is concerned, as far as that was concerned, as far as this is concerned, as far as this was concerned, so far as that is concerned, so far as that was concerned, so far as this is concerned, so far as this was concerned, in that respect, in this respect, about that, about this, on that matter, on this matter, as regards that, as regards this
    score something out

    ‘she scored out the last word’

    cross out, strike out, put a line through, ink out, blue-pencil, scratch out
    delete, obliterate, expunge
    score points off

    ‘Harry was continually seeking ways to score points off Sam’

    get the better of, gain an advantage over, outdo, best, worst, have the edge over
    have the last laugh on, make a fool of, humiliate
    informal be one up on, get one up on, get one over on