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1‘the seal round the bath has come unstuck’

sealant, sealer, adhesive

2‘the king put his seal on the letter’

emblem, symbol, insignia, device, badge, crest, coat of arms, token, mark, monogram, stamp

3‘the Energy Minister gave his seal of approval to the project’

ratification, assurance, attestation, confirmation, guarantee, authentication, warrant, warranty
charter, licence, imprimatur, validation
blessing, stamp of approval, approval, consent, agreement, permission, sanction, authority, endorsement, clearance, approbation


1‘he read the letter and sealed the envelope’

fasten, secure, shut, close up, lock, bolt, board up

2‘seal each bottle while it is hot’

stop up, seal up, make airtight, make watertight, close, shut, cork, stopper, stop, plug, block, block up, bung up, clog, clog up, choke, occlude, fill

3‘police sealed off the High Street’

close off, shut off, cordon off, fence off, form a ring around, put a cordon sanitaire round, isolate, quarantine, segregate

4‘he held out his hand to seal the bargain’

clinch, secure, settle, conclude, complete, establish
set the seal on, cap, wind up, close
coloquial sew up


    set the seal on

    ‘parliament assembled at York to set the seal on the royalist victory’

    endorse, confirm, guarantee, ratify, validate
    authorize, certify, warrant, authenticate, seal, put the seal on, cap, clinch, wind up, close
    coloquial sew up