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1‘the heat of the muzzle blast seared his face’

scorch, burn, singe, scald, char
dry out, dry up, parch, desiccate, dehydrate, wither, shrivel
discolour, brown, blacken, carbonize
Medicine cauterize
rare exsiccate

2‘sear the meat before adding the rest of the ingredients’

flash-fry, seal, brown, fry quickly, grill quickly, toast

3‘his betrayal had seared her terribly’

distress, grieve, sadden, make miserable, make wretched, upset, trouble, harrow, cause anguish to, afflict, perturb, disturb
hurt, wound, pain, cut to the quick
affect, move, sting, mortify, torment, torture, gnaw at, vex, gall