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1‘a liqueur made from grape seeds and skins’

pip, stone, pit, nut, kernel, germ
technical ovule

2‘the male of the species supplies the seed for reproduction’

semen, sperm, spermatic fluid, seminal fluid, milt, ejaculate, emission
Biology spermatozoa
vulgar slang come, cum, jism, jissom, jizz
British vulgar slang spunk

3‘each war contains within it the seeds of a fresh war’

genesis, source, origin, root, starting point, germ, beginnings, potential, potential for
cause, reason, motivation, motive
base, basis, foundation, bottom, seat, fundamental
core, nucleus, heart, kernel, nub, essence
fons et origo
literary fountainhead, wellspring, fount

4‘Abraham and his seed’

descendants, heirs, successors, scions
offspring, children, sons and daughters, progeny, family, youngsters, babies, brood
Law issue
informal kids, quiverful
derogatory spawn
archaic fruit, fruit of someone's loins


    go to seed

    ‘with the ferry gone and the road traffic diverted the place has gone to seed’

    deteriorate, degenerate, decline, decay, fall into decay, run to seed, go to rack and ruin, become dilapidated, go downhill, break down, waste away, wither away, languish, moulder, rot
    informal go to pot, go to the dogs, go down the toilet