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1‘she said she'd send me a letter’

dispatch, mail, put in the mail, address, get off, convey, consign, direct, forward, redirect, send on, remit, airmail
British post, put in the post


2‘they sent a message to headquarters’

transmit, convey, communicate
telephone, phone, broadcast, televise, telecast, radio, fax, email, upload, ISDN, FTP
dated telegraph, wire, cable


3‘we have sent for a doctor’

call, call for, call in, summon, ask to come, request, request the attendance of, request the presence of, order, contact, fetch

4‘I squeezed the plastic bottle and sent a jet of petrol out of it’

propel, project, send forth, eject, deliver, discharge, spout, fire, shoot, blast, catapult, launch, release, force, push, impel, ram
throw, fling, toss, lob, hurl, shy, cast, let fly
informal chuck, sling, bung

5‘the empty barrels send off evil-smelling fumes’

emit, give off, discharge, exude, send out, send forth, eject, release, leak

6‘it's enough to send one mad’

make, drive, cause to be, cause to become

7‘it's the spectacle and music that send us, not the words’

excite, stimulate, move, rouse, stir, thrill, electrify, intoxicate, enrapture, enthral, grip, ravish, charm, delight, give pleasure to, titillate
informal turn on, blow away, give someone a buzz, give someone a kick, stoke


    send someone or something up

    ‘we used to send him up something rotten’

    satirize, ridicule, make fun of, parody, lampoon, mock, caricature, imitate, ape
    informal take off, spoof, take the mickey out of
    archaic monkey
    British vulgar slang take the piss out of
    send someone to Coventry

    ‘all three have been sent to Coventry for not treading the party line’

    ostracize, exclude, shun, spurn, cold-shoulder, give someone the cold shoulder, reject, repudiate, boycott, blackball, blacklist, cast off, cast out, shut out, avoid, ignore, snub, cut dead, keep at arm's length, leave out in the cold, bar, ban, debar, banish, exile, expel
    North American disfellowship
    informal freeze out, hand someone the frozen mitt
    British informal blank
    dated cut
    send someone packing

    ‘they decided they'd had enough of him, and sent him packing’

    expel, send away, eject, turn out, throw out, force out, oust, evict, put out, get rid of
    dismiss, discharge
    informal chuck out, kick out, boot out, defenestrate, show the door to, give someone their marching orders, throw someone out on their ear, sack, fire, give someone the boot, axe
    British informal give someone the push, give someone the elbow, give someone the big E, bin off, turf out
    North American informal give someone the air, give someone the bum's rush
    send someone down

    1‘she was sent down from Cambridge’

    expel, exclude
    British rusticate

    admit, readmit

    2‘he pleaded guilty and was sent down for life’

    send to prison, sentence to imprisonment, imprison, jail, incarcerate, lock up, confine, detain, intern, immure
    informal put away
    British informal bang up

    release, let off

    send someone off

    ‘Miller was sent off for a second bookable offence’

    order off, tell to leave the field, dismiss
    show someone the red card
    informal red-card, send for an early bath, give someone their marching orders, sin-bin