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1‘the sense of touch’

sensory faculty, feeling, sensation, perception
sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, sixth sense
dated Zoology sensibility

2‘she felt a sense of guilt’

awareness, feeling, sensation, consciousness, perception, recognition

3‘a sense of humour’

appreciation, awareness, understanding, comprehension, discernment, acknowledgement

4‘the driver had the sense to press the panic button’

wisdom, common sense, good sense, practicality, sagacity, sharpness, discernment, perception
native wit, mother wit, wit, level-headedness, intelligence, cleverness, astuteness, shrewdness, judgement, soundness of judgement, understanding, reason, logic, brain, brains
informal gumption, nous, horse sense, savvy
British informal loaf, common
North American informal smarts

stupidity, mindlessness

5‘I can't see the sense in leaving all the work to you’

purpose, point, reason, aim, object, motive, use, utility, value, advantage, benefit

6‘here there are two different senses of ‘exist’’

meaning, definition, import, denotation, signification, significance, purport, implication, intention, nuance, drift, gist, thrust, tenor, burden, theme, message, essence, spirit, substance


1‘she could sense their hostility to her’

discern, feel, observe, notice, get the impression of, recognize, pick up, be cognizant of, become cognizant of, be aware of, become aware of, be conscious of, become conscious of, come to know, get to know, tell, distinguish, make out, find, identify, comprehend, apprehend, see, discover, learn, appreciate, realize, suspect, have a funny feeling, have a hunch, just know, divine, intuit, conceive
informal catch on to
British informal twig
rare cognize