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1‘he was punched and kicked senseless by a gang of thugs’

unconscious, out cold, out, cold, stunned, numb, numbed, insensible, insensate, comatose, knocked out, out for the count
informal KO'd, kayoed, laid out, dead to the world, out like a light
British informal spark out
rare soporose, soporous

conscious, aware

2‘a senseless waste of life’

pointless, futile, hopeless, fruitless, useless, needless, wasted, in vain, unavailing, aimless, idle, to no purpose, purposeless, worthless, meaningless, valueless, unproductive, unprofitable
absurd, foolish, mad, insane, asinine, moronic, imbecilic, nonsensical, stupid, idiotic, silly, irrelevant, footling, fatuous, hollow, inane, ridiculous, ludicrous, mindless, unintelligent, unwise, irrational, illogical
British informal daft

sensible, wise