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1‘an army of servants were cleaning the hall after the previous night's banquet’

attendant, retainer
domestic help, domestic worker, domestic, help, cleaner, cleaning lady, cleaning woman, helper
lackey, flunkey, minion
maid, housemaid, maidservant, lady's maid, handmaid, parlour maid, scullery maid, serving maid, girl, maid-of-all-work
footman, page, page boy, valet, butler, man, gentleman's gentleman, batman, manservant, houseman, houseboy, boy
housekeeper, steward, major domo
coachman, postilion, equerry
menial, drudge, hireling, slave, galley slave
North American hired help
Indian bearer, chokra, amah, bai
British dated charwoman, charlady, char, boots
South African historical jong
British informal Mrs Mop, daily woman, daily, skivvy
British scout, bedder, gyp
archaic seneschal, abigail, servitor, scullion, tweeny, serving man, serving woman, serving wench, turnspit, varlet, vassal, serf
rare famulus

master, mistress

2‘he was a great servant of the Labour Party’

helper, supporter, follower