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1‘they have served their political masters faithfully for the past 40 years’

work for, be in the service of, perform duties for, be employed by, have a job with
obey, be obedient to, carry out the wishes of

2‘I decided that I wanted to work somewhere where I could serve the community’

be of service to, be of use to, help, give help to, assist, give assistance to, aid, lend a hand to, give a helping hand to, do a good turn to, make a contribution to, do one's bit for, do something for, benefit
minister to, succour

3‘altogether she had served on the committee for 11 years’

be a member of, work on, be on, sit on, have a place on, hold a place on, perform duties on, carry out duties on

4‘California is limiting the number of terms a politician can serve in office’

carry out, perform, do, fulfil, complete, discharge
spend, go through

5‘serve the soup hot with lots of crusty bread’

dish out, dish up, give out, distribute, set out, plate up, spoon out, ladle out
present, provide, supply, make available

6‘Elizabeth walked off to serve another customer’

attend to, give one's attention to, attend to the requirements of, deal with, see to
assist, help, look after, take care of

7‘the landlord's daughter served at table’

act as waiter, act as waitress, wait, distribute food, distribute refreshments
North American informal sling hash, sling plates

8‘they were just about to serve him with a writ’

deliver to, present with, give to, hand over to, cause to accept

9‘she stabbed the cigarette out in a saucer serving as an ashtray’

act as, function as, fulfil the function of, do duty as, do the work of, act as a substitute for

10‘official forms are obtainable that, with minor adaptation, will serve in all but a few cases’

suffice, be adequate, be good enough, be all right, fill the bill, fit the bill, do, answer
be useful, serve a purpose, meet requirements, suit

11‘Cornish householders wonder if they are being fairly served’

treat, deal with, act towards, behave towards, conduct oneself towards, handle