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1‘a group of teenage boys sat around the table talking about sex’

sexual intercourse, intercourse, lovemaking, making love, sex act, sexual relations
informal nookie
British informal bonking, rumpy pumpy, a bit of the other, how's your father
South African informal pata-pata
vulgar slang screwing, fucking
British vulgar slang shagging
formal coitus, coition, copulation
archaic fornication, carnal knowledge, congress, commerce

2‘you can learn how to teach your children about sex’

the facts of life, sexual reproduction, reproduction
informal the birds and the bees

3‘adults of both sexes’



    have sex

    have sexual intercourse, make love, sleep together, sleep with, go to bed together, go to bed with
    informal do it, do the business, go all the way, make whoopee, have one's way with, bed, know in the biblical sense, tumble
    British informal bonk, get one's oats
    North American informal boff, get it on
    euphemistic be intimate
    vulgar slang fuck, screw, bang, lay, get one's leg over, shaft, dick, frig, do, have, hump, poke, shtup, dip one's wick, ride, service
    British vulgar slang have it off, have it away, shag, knob, get one's end away, knock someone off, give someone one, roger, grind, stuff, tup
    Scottish vulgar slang podger
    North American vulgar slang ball, jump, jump someone's bones, bone, pork, diddle, nail
    Australian, New Zealand vulgar slang root
    formal copulate
    archaic fornicate, possess, lie together, lie with, couple, swive, know