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1‘her share of the profits from the original television show’

portion, part, division, bit, quota, allowance, ration, allocation, allotment, lot, measure, due
percentage, commission
stake, interest, equity
helping, serving
informal cut, whack, slice, piece of the cake, slice of the cake, piece of the action, rake-off
British informal divvy
rare apportionment, quantum, moiety


1‘we were a real eighties couple—we shared the bills and the shopping’

split, divide, go halves in, go halves with
informal go fifty-fifty in, go Dutch

2‘they shared out the peanuts’

apportion, portion out, divide up, allocate, ration out, give out, distribute, dispense, hand out, dish out, deal out, dole out, parcel out, measure out
carve up
informal divvy up

3‘a tutorial is an opportunity for a student to share in the learning process’

participate in, take part in, play a part in, have a role in, be involved in, contribute to, have a hand in, have something to do with, partake in
have a share in, have a percentage of, have a stake in

be excluded from